LegacyMarks_Tree-Mark_ColorBy now you may be wondering, What is a Legacy Mark?

Is it just the name of our company (LegacyMarks LLC)?

Is it a will, a trust, or an estate plan?

Or is it the stains left on the carpet in your car after your kids spilled a mystery drink many weeks ago?

Well, it’s much more than any of these.  By definition, according to Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary,

  • A  Legacy is “something received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past.”
  • A  Mark isa lasting or strong impression.”

Of course, both “Legacy” and “Mark” are words in our company name, but they also embody our vision and mission. A Legacy Mark starts with receiving information and knowledge. That’s where we come in. We endeavor to provide you with information, resources, and proven ideas to improve your life and help you learn and grow.

For something to be a Legacy Mark, it also needs to be intentional and leave a lasting impression. Furthermore, it must motivate others to the actions of giving and sharing with those around them. All these defining facets are the heartbeat of LegacyMarks. Our areas of focus include home education, personal finance, raising a family, helping families and individuals to intentionally learn, grow, and give so they can leave a lasting impression on their family, their finances and those around them…a Legacy Mark.

Let us help you intentionally learn, grow, and give to impact your life and those around you!