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  • Learn what God’s Word says about money management
  • Understand the importance of setting goals and creating plans for spending money
  • Learn how to create a spending plan for your household

Step 1: Set Goals

  • Review key principles related to goal setting (key scripture and wisdom)
  • Discuss how to set goals
  • Exercise: SMART Goals

Step 2: Know Where You Are

  • Review key principles related to understanding your current money situation (key scripture and wisdom)
  • Discuss how to determine your income and outgo and draft your first spending plan
  • Exercise: Track your spending

Step 3: Plan

  • Review key principles related to planning your spending (key scripture and wisdom)
  • Discuss how to evaluate and adjust your spending plan each month
  • Exercise: Plan

Step 4: Live the Plan

  • Review key principles related to living by your plan (key scripture and wisdom)
  • Discuss tools and techniques to help you stay focused on your plan

Worksheets included

  • Life Plan Goal Template (it is important to set more than just financial goals)
  • Spending Plan (helps organize your spending by categories to document your plan)
  • Monthly Tracking Diary (helps track expenses in key categories to determine where you are with your spending)
  • Monthly Income and Expense (provides a more detailed view of monthly cash flow to help complete your spending plan)


FinancialCoachingCoupon-4x6 FREE Financial Coaching SessionThis confidential one-on-one session is designed to help focus on YOUR specific money situation.  We will help you put together a plan that works for you. 1
091214_0406_4StepsToBui1.png Online Access to Class ResourcesYou can access the worksheets from class and other useful reference materials online.


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1 We are not financial advisors, tax professionals or attorneys so will not provide such advice.  If we determine you need advice in these or other areas where professional advice is needed, we will try to help direct you to appropriate professionals.